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OK so yeah this was released over a year ago, but I kinda missed this one even though I was familiar with many of the tracks through the radio. Two Door Cinema Club bring a big electro/rock pop sound that has drawn a lot of comparisons since their debut album with their primary tool of choice being lots of energy.

The album opens with a very Bloc Party inspired twaggy intro that develops further into “Cigarettes in the Theatre” with enough punch to leave you with a nice shinner. The drumming beat is quite simple but it ensures that the song never lets up and provides the base which allows for contrasting tempo as the song develops. The vocal which doesn’t stray too much through the album, is quite boyish or feminine and is not off-putting and reminds me of Phoenix lead singer Thomas Mars.

For a band who have only one album to their credit they immediately follow-up with another big pop song “Come Back Home” which is very easy to identify with as it is loaded with more pop beats and flowing vocals. At first listen you might be tempted to think that a young band is trying to make a name for themselves with a couple of singles on a front loaded album but this never develops. “Do You Want It All” has skip me written across its face with a very predictable sound and feel, however it provides a change in tempo for what is a very up tempo album. Don’t be fooled though cause this song changes pace and is bouncing off the walls before you know it. With the introduction of “This is the Life” quickly following I find myself pushing this album away, however this song sits on the border of Cheese Town.Depending on my mood decides whether I consider it to be an inhabitant or not.

This is quickly forgotten though. “Something Good can Work” follows and is such a fun, drag your woman to the dance floor tune that is over almost by the time you get there, but that is ok because you can just stay there for “I Can Talk” and work on your robot dancing and watch her return to her seat as you bounce around like a tool. This song shows of the guitar driven side of the band which to me is the strength of the band who fall back on electro sounds to fill in the gaps.

By the time “Undercover Martyn” reaches your ears, you think that you have seen all that TDCC have to offer, but these guys have energy in their sound. The sound is a little one dimensional, but having said that, it works. “What you Know” proves this by providing a platform for Trimble’s gentle vocal which is a perfect fit for the general sound of the band, which is light and fluffy. The song rolls and gains momentum until it reaches the point where it is firmly stuck in your head.

The back-end of the album continues with much of the same rush that the remainder of the album just left with. This could easily be cut back in order to make the album tighter, given their sound they shouldn’t be trying to put out double albums, more love me and leave me nine track numbers. There are some borderline forgettable songs here, I am looking at you “Kids” while they aren’t horrible they just don’t add to the album.

“I Can Talk” has to be one of the catchiest and fun songs of 2010. This has to be pretty close to what musical heroin must be like, as the song ebbs and flows it ends but holding you in its arms and then dropping you onto the dance floor. Having said this, it is hard to decide by the end which song is your favourite as there are quite a few strong tracks here to the point that I always worry about young bands and whether they should hold on to one or two to ensure they don’t become one hit wonders. This is a really enjoyable album which could liven up a funeral, however every time I listen to it I worry what their second album will be. TDCC could easily get into bed with the wrong producer and cut back on the guitars which I have seen all too often to the detriment of bands.

ALBUM RATING: LSD in musical form