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No surprises here. Arctic Monkeys are continuing on that dark and easier paced vibe of “Humbug”. Nice rock track, not really going to blow your socks off though, me reckons.

Not too sure on the lyrics though, they are one part that you must admit have de-evolved since the “Whatever people say….” days.


In conversation with Tristian the other day there was 2 bands that I mentioned that I realllly, realllly wanted new music from TVOTR and Grissly Bear. I scored with 1/2, so am very pleased.

Here is the new single from TVOTR who are clearly showing off their softer side with a nice track. The band’s new album “Nine Types of Light” is due on the shelves on on April 12th. Check out the single for yourself below:

This was just released yesterday. Not sure what I think of it. Don’t hate the new stuff that the Monkeys have released but part of me certainly does wish that they would move back to the high intensity, fast paced sounds of yonder.

So you have most likely heard this by now, unless you have been trapped under a rock for the past 3 weeks. The new album “Angles” is due for release on the 22nd of this month.

The Wombats are definitely headed in a new direction with the new tracks that they have put out in the build up to their new album. “Jump into the Fog” is a little darker and slower from what we are used to from the ‘Bats, my first listen asked more questions than it answered. The intensity is not the same as it was with “A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation” and the backing vocals that provided such great harmonies are non-existant. I have a feeling that this album will definitely split the fan-base.