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Well, well, well. Isn’t this interesting, someone has apparently got their hands on the poster for Splendour this year and isn’t there some interesting name there. The big question though is whether this is legitimate or a dud? A few of those band names were already ones that I was thinking would be likely visitors for this years Splendour which gives it some credibility.

What makes this very unbelievable are two names, Radiohead and Kanye. Both would be a really difficult act to pull in terms of budgeting and venue size. Having said this, in the favour of this happening is that Radiohead are a band that could be convinced to take a pay cut. They are generally not a band governed by the rupee or maybe I am just looking for excuses for them to visit our shores.

Having said that though, I do believe that there is some truth to this. In this day and ago it is not all that difficult for an individual to knock up a poster and I get the feeling that someone  may have got their hands on the  real deal and messed about with it. Why? Don’t ask me, but there are a lot of nutters out there.  Bands like The Vaccines, Birds of Tokyo, Sparkadia, The Jezabels, The Decemberists and Gotye would be bigger surprises if they didn’t show than if they did. The person who has done this has clearly put in a fair amount of work, cause putting together the artwork, as well as a list of Bands that long while checking each bands availability would be quite time consuming.

Either way, I think its going to be a fake, but gives a good idea of what to expect for the 2011 lineup. Just don’t let it get your hopes up too high.