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*Cold War Kids are soon to submit a new piece of work. The album is titled “Mine Is Yours” and is due for release on Jan 24/25, 2011. Album cover looks like something my 3yo nephew would have scribbled. Would expect something like that from an electronic act not CWK. Will have to wait and see if that is any representation of the music.

*Sparkadia are set to release their latest full length EP “The Great Impression”. Date: March 18, 2011.

*17 January 2011 is the date that will circled in fat red texta on my calendar for the release of “Ritual” the follow up to “To Lose my Life…” from White Lies, no tour dates for Aus at this stage. Cool looking album cover with twins dressed in matching “school uniform” inspired outfits.

*BDO 2011 offering 2 for 1 entry on the second date…lol

*Wombat’s also have a new 1 in the production line titled: “The Wombats Proudly Present: This Modern Glitch” which is due for release on April 11