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I will kick off with a confession that I have not listened to Noah and the Whale in the past, however with all of the fuss that I have heard about this album, I kinda felt that with little else to review at the moment that they probably deserve a run.

I totally understand what the band was trying to achieve when they wrote “Life is Life” and they have almost achieved it with probably the best song that I listened to. This song is driven by the vocal which is well constructed without being mind blowing.

Following this is “Tonight’s the Kind of Night” which should not be listened to by anyone with a dairy allergy (waiting, waiting, yes a cheap joke is coming you know it)…..cause this song has every type of cheese forced into it. It’s like a giant block of swiss with people standing around it holding in all of the other cheeses (I don’t care if this is a word, cause it is now) in but its so cheesy that it’s about to errupt in a cheese explosion. Yes this song will probably be popular with  the current generation of kids, well I ain’t one of them. This song is just horrible in every sense and if you can’t see that for yourself than you need to get yourself some ear glasses (bad jokes are really flowing right now).

“L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.” achieves everything that the group failed on with that other thing I just had to listen to. It is still borderline cheesy however the song is fun and light, but is well enough written that it doesn’t quite have permanent residence in Gouda Country. “Wild Thing” is ok in parts but feels like a hundred other soft rock songs that I have heard before that I feel like its wasting my time.

This is an album which I have difficulty getting past the first few songs as the vocal is a little whiny and girly. I fight myself and try and make myself overcome my issues with it, but it’s just not happening for me. I am cutting the review short on this one, cause I found that vocal so bland, uninteresting and constantly got on my nerves. There is not enough  musical content for me to get past it as everything about this album is so predictable and although there are some ok/tollerable songs here, I really didn’t enjoy this album. There is simply nothing indentifiably unique about their sound that would draw me to listen to their music, everything seems to revolve around the vocal which I can’t stand. Next!

ALBUM RATING: Heaven for some, Hell for others