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After a recent phone conversation with Tristian regarding this album, I have decided to drag myself away from my Cisco studies to put together a post.

Tristian put me on to “You and Me” a while ago and it was one of those albums that I never got around to and then when I did, would listen to half a dozen tracks and move onto something else. Eventually though the album started to grab me with those funky guitars and the vocals which are quite unique yet I am not totally sure why?

When comparing this with their previous album this is definitely a more mellow affair with the vocals driving the songs and the lead guitar pushed down the pecking order. Percussion also gets a bigger piece of the pie on this album and some really nice drumming compliments some soothing vocals. I cannot say enough about the drumming on this album, it was what keeps me awake through some of the tracks especially “Blue as your Blood” which has some beautiful strings from the half way point of the track and is a magically constructed piece of music. Having said that, “Stranded” really left me feeling just that.

I do enjoy this album. It displayed real consistency which was its strength as well as it’s downfall in some senses. There was just no real stand out song on the album which was full of a real understanding of what they were trying to achieve. If I had to pick one at this stage I would have to say “Angela Surf City” epitomises for me the surfer sound that this band is all about (surprising given these guys hail from Phillie and NY).

The beach sound is still there with the same guitar sounds being used, however this is much more of a “sit back watching a sunset over the beach from the porch drinking a nice cold beer” type of album if that helps to explain it. I am looking at you “All my Great Designs”….yawnn. Not a terrible song, just makes me feel sleepy.

Some people are going to love this album but for me it is something that I would put on as background music at a BBQ as opposed to something that I would put on while on the road (where I do much of my music listening). I just found that they got away from the chaffed (for want of a better adjective) guitar sound which was the strength of “You and Me”.

This was definitely a fine album at the end of a year that promised a lot and delivered little. After how I got onto The Walkmen in the first place I wouldn’t be surprised if this does end up at the top of my rotation, with a couple more up tempo tracks it could take over my rotation.