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*Cold War Kids are soon to submit a new piece of work. The album is titled “Mine Is Yours” and is due for release on Jan 24/25, 2011. Album cover looks like something my 3yo nephew would have scribbled. Would expect something like that from an electronic act not CWK. Will have to wait and see if that is any representation of the music.

*Sparkadia are set to release their latest full length EP “The Great Impression”. Date: March 18, 2011.

*17 January 2011 is the date that will circled in fat red texta on my calendar for the release of “Ritual” the follow up to “To Lose my Life…” from White Lies, no tour dates for Aus at this stage. Cool looking album cover with twins dressed in matching “school uniform” inspired outfits.

*BDO 2011 offering 2 for 1 entry on the second date…lol

*Wombat’s also have a new 1 in the production line titled: “The Wombats Proudly Present: This Modern Glitch” which is due for release on April 11


After a recent phone conversation with Tristian regarding this album, I have decided to drag myself away from my Cisco studies to put together a post.

Tristian put me on to “You and Me” a while ago and it was one of those albums that I never got around to and then when I did, would listen to half a dozen tracks and move onto something else. Eventually though the album started to grab me with those funky guitars and the vocals which are quite unique yet I am not totally sure why?

When comparing this with their previous album this is definitely a more mellow affair with the vocals driving the songs and the lead guitar pushed down the pecking order. Percussion also gets a bigger piece of the pie on this album and some really nice drumming compliments some soothing vocals. I cannot say enough about the drumming on this album, it was what keeps me awake through some of the tracks especially “Blue as your Blood” which has some beautiful strings from the half way point of the track and is a magically constructed piece of music. Having said that, “Stranded” really left me feeling just that.

I do enjoy this album. It displayed real consistency which was its strength as well as it’s downfall in some senses. There was just no real stand out song on the album which was full of a real understanding of what they were trying to achieve. If I had to pick one at this stage I would have to say “Angela Surf City” epitomises for me the surfer sound that this band is all about (surprising given these guys hail from Phillie and NY).

The beach sound is still there with the same guitar sounds being used, however this is much more of a “sit back watching a sunset over the beach from the porch drinking a nice cold beer” type of album if that helps to explain it. I am looking at you “All my Great Designs”….yawnn. Not a terrible song, just makes me feel sleepy.

Some people are going to love this album but for me it is something that I would put on as background music at a BBQ as opposed to something that I would put on while on the road (where I do much of my music listening). I just found that they got away from the chaffed (for want of a better adjective) guitar sound which was the strength of “You and Me”.

This was definitely a fine album at the end of a year that promised a lot and delivered little. After how I got onto The Walkmen in the first place I wouldn’t be surprised if this does end up at the top of my rotation, with a couple more up tempo tracks it could take over my rotation.

To add to my point a few days ago about the Juggernauts…..and to think some people are planning to see them at upcoming music festivals

With Festival season well under way with Falls, Homebake and many other festivals already having taken place it’s a good time to consider the do’s and don’ts of how to approach a festival. Here are my top 10:

1. Stuff following the group that you came with, they will go and see crap bands that you don’t want to see. The downside to this is you need a back up plan if you get lost. Which leads to 2.

2. Have a meeting spot, an area of the grandstand/grassy spot at the back is always a good choice, you will not be able to contact people via telephone/SMS due to everyone else in the place doing likewise.

3. Travel light. Leave hats and any other unnecessary accessories at home. They will end up lost/stolen. Consider leaving your phone at home.

4. Leave your favourite shoes at home. Seriously you will get home covered in dirt/mud and whatever else and will have wasted $100 replacing them.

5. My annual mistake at BDO is to skip breakfast. Food at festivals can often disappoint and be pricey, also you will often skip dinner in order to see bands. Be organised and have a big serve of bacon and eggs before you head out.

6. Take out enough case for the day before you leave. Assuming the event has an ATM, your waits will be epic and you will miss seeing bands.

7. If you wanna see a band get there early and claim a spot. If you think you will get to see your favourite band front and centre by showing up 5 minutes after they have started you will be standing at the back. Pushing through to the front should be an outlawed offense and should be punished by the crowd. Splendour were the best for this except they brought in barriers this year, which seem to bring out the worst in any crowd, having experienced the difference.

8. Don’t be a clown paying $200 dollars on drinks getting sloshed and not remembering any of the day. Take your own in with you, you will save a bomb and avoid having to queue up all day. $10 stubbie holders are a great investment and will provide a great momento of the day.

9. If you are planning a big day. Don’t be a tosser and peak too early. You will regret it especially if it’s a hot day.

10. Be a sl*t and buy the t-shirt of your favourite band of the day. I often get people walking up to me on the street and commenting a good shirt/band. Also it annoys those that your with that are wearing the shirt their mum bought them for Christmas. Be careful not to buy it too early or you may end up very hot or having it stolen (have seen both happen) also if you wait too long it may sell out, so keep this in mind.
Hope you don’t end up with Festival Fever the day after and have fun.

This years BDO is much like any other. People complaining that the line up is nowhere near as good as previous years and they are probably right. Thank you KRudd and your GFC. I prefer to look at the oppourtunities to see the bands I want by having the main stage occupied by (Jet, Powderfinger and Hilltop Hoods) bands I don’t care to see. This also means that the usual 18-20 yo crowd will be hopefully kept out of range of my left hand hook.

With the schedule not yet in black and white we can take a look at who may slot in where. My one fear for the day is a Mars Volta/Muse clash which is likely to happen. Mars will shun the main stage as they have done in the past and will close the side stage. Which leaves Lily Allen/Powerderfinger as second heafliner with Muse. Lily Allen has closed the boiler room in the past, but with a strong contingent of electro this year (Dizzie Rascal, Ladyhawke Groove Armarda) she will probably be on the main stage.

So where does this leave me.  If I am lucky, with all of the ego’s of the aussie band’s around this time, I could get lucky with Kasabian being on early/late on the side stage and Mars may come on after Muse already finish. This second statement I doubt, Mars are ones to care about other bands and will do their own thing. This means I will probably miss a fair chunk of Muse, but I guess I can deal with it, cause they are going to roll out a lot of their new junk. And let this be a warning to anyone who doesn’t like their latest album (ie me). THEY WILL PLAY LOTS OF NEW CRAP AND YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED! I will try and see a little of them and will hopefully get some goodies in.

Kasabian are the second must see. Classy and a bit of English cockiness on stage, but it is understandable. They are good and will not disappoint. If they clash with MV I will cry.

Rounding out my trifecta of must see acts are Tame Impala. A young Aussie band with a very un”Australian” sound, no offence guys, but we don’t have a great history of psychedelic rock in this country. Their live sound can leave a little to desire at time but they deserve some patience as their material is solid gold. Slightly lacking in vocals if I had to be harsh, but their sound musically more that makes up for any flaws. I’ll probably lose part of my group at this stage as they head of to watch the Juggernauts stick it up as I have seen them do several times in the past, which reminds me of the last BDO they did where I could here parts of the crowd yelling at them to turn up their mics.

I am not going into detail about other acts because simply there is a lot of boring local stuff with the exception of Temper Trap and headliners are headliners for a reason.

Dizzy Rascal wins the award with “Bonkers” for the song that I am going to use to annoy everyone and get it stuck in their heads.