There aren’t many people on the planet who haven’t heard “Pumped Up Kicks” and for good reason – It’s a boppy, happy shower-song that you can listen to over and over again. Listening to this album I was initially skeptical thinking either the whole album would be fluff tracks, or fillers with one or two hits. Thankfully “Torches” has no track that I would classify as a filler, and after listening to the  whole album five times in four days I can say that the accessibility of this album does not mean it lacks depth. It sucks you in on the first listen, and it gets better the more times you listen to it.

“Houdini” would be my favourite track from this album. It has the pop of “Pumped Up Kicks” but has more variation and pace changes. It layers and builds, getting increasingly frantic in its message to focus on your ability! It’s a song that resonates with you throughout the day. “Call It What You Want” is some kind of pre-emptive attack against pretentious reviews that could attack this album for being too pop.

“Helena Beat” is designed for the remix kids and sounds like its already been remixed. On its own its fun but overly bland almost inviting you to take it and play with it. “Miss You” is a song that you can listen to over and over again.

This entire album plays well from start to finish and you could put it on right now in a party only to have people respond “Hey I love this song” to multiple tracks from the album. This is pop done right, there are times I wanted more from the band but its like a can of coke you can’t be angry at it for being sweet.

8/10, This is a great album. I hope the next one has the layering, complexity and pop of “Houdini”.