Yeasayer, Odd Blood Album Cover

Yeasayer are an “experimental” band from Brooklyn, self-described as “Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel”. I tend to associate Brooklyn with gangsters and strong accents, so its refreshing to have something so unusual come out of there.

Yeasayer seem to slot perfectly into the Indie genre but seem different from everyone else if only for their versatility. There is a sense of madness mixed with good solid back-to-basics musicianship. A sense that psychedelic rock can be pop yet remain true to itself.

This is an album that is jumpy and twitchy, boppy yet relaxing. “Rome” wants to be a party in a box with driving rhythms, quirky solos and punchy runs. The lyrics are the grounding while this mad bouncy music happens all around you.

“Ambling Alp” is a song you can listen to over and over. I knew I needed to get more into this album because I kept finding myself going back to Hype Machine and re-playing this track – either early in the morning when I just got to work, or when I was relaxing with my SO, or when I was amping myself up to go out. It rambles, it shambles and it just wants to be listened to. Fun-folk psych-pop.

“O.N.E.” seems to be the track getting the most airtime from this album and it is probably the most fun light-hearted track off the album. Its accessible and its almost hard to accept its a break-up song (according to wikipedia it is about breaking cocaine addiction). You feel like grabbing a maraca and shaking along. Its a moving on song, that feeling you know you don’t need to see that person ever again.

“Madder Red” feels like it approaches the Arcade Fire in layers and epicness. I don’t want to move to this song, I close my eyes and picture all the instruments dancing around my headphones. I am frustrated by how much is happening but then it all stops and I feel teased. I have a feeling this will be my favourite track soon, but I’m not yet comfortable with the pace of change in this track.

Yeasayer feel like they have the potential to create a huge catalog of music to me. This album feels raw and honest, I have a feeling the next one will be more layered, more polished and more epic. This is a good listening here in the meantime.


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