The best place that I can recommend to start, with Beady Eye is to check the YouTube clip out below. The sound will be very familiar to a whole range of music listeners both young and old given where this group of musicians past and their influences on this album.

Beady Eye are essentially made up of those who have managed to scrape their way out from under rubble that was once known as Oasis. In other words, anyone not named Noel. The opening track “Four Letter Word” doesn’t quite deliver the punch that the title suggests, it’s by  no means a bad track and is not far removed from the very familiar Oasis sound of yesteryear.

The following song “Millionaire” moves away from the Oasis-like vocal and brings a country sounding 60s number, which seems to go round and round with out ever reaching a purpose. This song really started to grind on me after a while, and doesn’t really seem to serve any purpose other than to provide a transition into “The Roller” which is a far better song. Despite this fact though, there are some distinctively “Beatle-esc” guitars and tambourine use, which just feels a little too close to the real thing to really represent an original piece of work. By this point of the album my mind has started drifting and I am wondering which Beatles album I should have put on as opposed to Beady Eye.

The album continues with this tone through the tracks “Beatles and Stones” and “Wind Up Dream” which are decent songs and easy to listen to, it’s just the familiarity and continued tempo of the tracks which fail to stand out from one another and blend into a continuous tribute album. “For Anyone” is a rip off if every I heard one. Everything I hear screams “Beatles!!” about it to the point that I feel that they need to be taken to court and forced to pay royalties, so close is the sound.

“Bring the Light” brings some classic 60s rock and roll sounds and gives a modern feel to them in what is probably my favourite musical experience of the album, and probably also my favourite song. I think this is what Oasis-lite was trying to achieve when they set out to make this album, to take an existing style and expand and modernise it. It has a great energy and I love the old-school piano work that they added to this song that has some great punch to it.

“Wigwam” is a track which is the track which derived my theory that this album was in part written with the goal of being directed towards a live sound, with the drum solo of sorts that starts the song off in the right direction, yet seems to fizzle as it progresses. The back  end of the album, unfortunately is a continuation of the same.

If you like the Beatles then you will enjoy this album, however it just seems so similar to me that why wouldn’t you just pull out your favourite Beatles album and listen to that instead? I think that the group have delivered exactly what they set out to achieve, however I am just not sure if its for me. I don’t understand the reason for writing an album which sounds so much like another bands work. I cant’ figure out the motivations and I don’t hate it, I simply don’t understand it. Having said this, I feel like this makes for some great music here that would deliver well to a room full of people.  I don’t mind the fact that they have used such a classic band for inspiration, it just feels like a little more than inspiration and needs to find its own sound and carve out its own identity by incorporating some new sounds into the mix.


ALBUM RATING: Feels like a Beatles cover album by Oasis. A little bit too predictable to be inspiring