Ok so time to start with a rant. JJJ’s Hottest 100. Now in this modern era who would have thought that tallying an online poll however large would be so demanding? Obviously it was for the J’s as I missed out on voting due to my own disorganisation and a bizarre cut off date for voting like a week before the count, ABC budgeting must be getting tight.

Here is my list of top 5 tracks and songs for 2010, which I doubt that the new wave of JJJ listeners will pick more than 2 in the hottest 100:

*Grinderman – Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man (WINNA)
I love the way that Nick Cave just doesn’t care about whether a lyric fits or not, he just makes it happen “Hey man I ya think it might be the cops”. Bad as bass riff for a bad as song that shows that 2010 was the year for howling!

* Arcade Fire – Ready to Start (2nd Place)
By far the best song of what I thought was a disappointing album. This song has it all and to describe it with one word “Addictive”.

*Black Keys – Howlin’ For You (3rd Place)
Another killer tracker from a band with a small but loyal following, who I think are happy for things to stay that way. I just find myself bouncing around and just not caring when I hear this song, love it.

*The Walkmen – Blue as your Blood (4th Place)
I love this song in the way that you might love a girl. It is song writing at its absolute best and if it was a girl it would no doubt be the most elegant and stunning young lady in the room. Nothing forced or pretentious about it.

*Klaxons – Echoes (Tied for 5th Place)
This is what pop music just wishes it could be. Grounding shaking to the core, not a wasted ounce of effort. Epitome of what the Klaxons are all about. Shout out to “Twin Flames”, which might have been picked on another day.

*Interpol – Summer Well (Tied for 5th place)
From the self titled album, showing off the new look softer side to the 4 piece out of NYC.

And as for the albums that made the 2010 short list, drum roll please:

*Grinderman – Grinderman 2
Well der. Great contribution from a group of well travelled performers.

*Gorillaz – Plastic Beach
A change in pace and style from the rest of the list. What any electronic act should be aiming to replicate.

*The Walkmen – Lisbon
You just can’t turn this album off. It’s not possible.

*Black Keys – Brothers
Blue rock as it was intended. Big, bad and full of energy.

*Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Beat the Devil’s Tattoo
Such a pleasurable and relaxing journey this album takes you on every time.

I really couldn’t find any other albums that I believe truly deserved to be put alongside 5 wonderful albums, Arcade Fire (The Suburbs), Interpol (self titled) and Klaxons (Surfing the Void) were solid albums from bands that I adore, but just weren’t the best work that I felt that these bands have delivered. Whereas the albums above were tight from start to end without a slip up or out of place song.

Honorable mentions go our to The National (just haven’t gotten around to having a proper listen, apologies to anyone I may have offended) and Tame Impala (just spent most of the album going, this is so 2009, where are all your new songs?). I couldn’t chose a stand out album, I just hate trying to say that one great thing is better than another. It just doesn’t work.