Headed down to the Enmore with Ben on a warm summers evening to check out Interpol on their “Falls Festival Sydney stop-over tour”. We arrived around 7:30pm and stopped in for a quiet beer at the Queen Hotel across the road.

Got to the venue halfway through Bridezilla’s support act to find a sound that reminded me of Howling Bells in terms of vocals. After a couple of songs the conversations from the pub continued on and Bridezilla were relegating to the status of background noise, however they left me wondering why an internationally recognised band like Interpol can’t manage to pull a decent support act. Then I got to thinking of any decent support acts that I had been to and couldn’t really come up with anything. And then I felt reallly ripped off.

Much to my delight though despite my ticket indicating “Floor – Rear” there was no “Barricade” (that was cheap I know) and we took up a spot half way back in the middle of the floor.

After a brief sound check Interpol took to the stage with little fuss and opened with “Success”. Bass guitar sounded a little off (out of tune or something) for half of the song but pulled it together in the later. The crowd was a little anxious for set to kick off which didn’t really take place until the 3rd track “Narc” which was when we realised that we were positioned next to some 18-20yo wanna-be’s displaying a little too much man love for my liking.  After half a dozen or so tracks it had become apparent that songs from “Antics” and “Interpol” were clearly in favour with the band, much to my delight as I had been heavily listening to “Antics” in the lead up to the concert with tracks like “C’Mere” and “Summer Well” grabbing my attention during the set. A few tracks left me wanting for a little more improvisation and variation for the standard record versions of the songs.

After what seems to be somewhat of a weak chant (seems to be common of late) for an encore the band returned and play four more tracks finishing off the night with “Not Even Gaol” which was a wonderful way to complete an enjoyable musical adventure. Ben added that he thought that the band had just done a lap of the backstage and come out the other side which I found a little humorous.

The set itself was really not that glamorous and seemed like they had paid the venue for their cheapest lighting package available, with nasty looking green and purple lighting and no sign of a back drop to boot. I have seen a few gigs where bands have managed to achieve very effective sets (Grizzly Bear come to mind) despite what seem to be a minimal lighting budget. The band themselves were not the most energetic that I have ever seen, with a small outburst of sorts from the lead guitarist showing the only signs of life on the stage for the evening other than a very lively violinist for Bridezilla. The poor keyboardist was tucked up the back next to the drummer and I forgot he was even there for half of the night so I guessed that the visual aspect of the concert left a little to be desired and I felt like I was watching a 4 piece for much of the night.

I had a hard time remembering the last time that I was Interpol at the Hordern a couple of years and many other concerts and festivals ago, however from what I can recollect not a lot has changed with the band despite a change in bass guitarist.  A poor visual in terms of lighting and energy left me feeling as though the band was passing time before they were ready to punch in their time cards and head off for a beer and left me wanting a little more from such a high quality act despite this the depth of the repertoire  ensured that the night was not doubt an enjoyable one.

Below I have tried to put together most of the play-list. This has proved to be a difficult task for me as I struggle to remember album names let alone track names.

Set List (to the best of my ability):

Summer Well
Take you on a Cruise
Heinrich Maneuver
Memory Serves
Obstacle 1

Slow Hands
Not Even Gaol