Zounds Album Art
“Would you be open to a night of total Chaos?”, asks Dappled Cities.

Yes please!

This album holds you close, then closer until it’s smothering you with wave after wave of electric fussed desire. It screams at your senses: a jet engine thundering by, delivering a cluster bomb of staccato electric indie rock fragments.

The album is relentless in it’s ability to get within your comfort zone, then push you back out to a distance. It has no middle ground. It’s ever toppling forwards; just catching itself from falling before moving headlong into the next phase.

If I was to play the mix and match game I’d call it a fusion of Midnight Juggernauts, the Gorillaz, Wagner and 80’s post punk.

The album is driven by an diverse beat filled with whirs, swooshes, bumps and the occasional drum. It’s like a kid rummaging around in a futuristic box of toys.

At the next level a crunchy 80’s synth sweeps and dives throughout the songs, with Dappled Cities showing of their abilities to subvert the instrument into delivering a parading rhythm and effervescent harmony. The harmony, like a hot air current holding a glider aloft, encompasses and supports the melody with the odd guest appearance of a punchy post-punk guitar backing it all up.

The voice relentlessly moves forwards; leaving everything else to play catchup. Reverberating through a space of it’s own making, the understated vocals lead us through a world of jaded memories and jagged dreams.

This album… We’ll it’s actually quite hard to get into. All the dissonance and odd structures make this an album you can’t connect with easily. It took me quite a few listens before I was able to unravel the signal from the noise, but you know what; often that’s a good thing. If I connect with an album straight away usually it’s because I’ve listened to many similar things before. Then soon enough that familiarity makes it just sound repetitive and dull. But not this album. You’ve never heard the likes of this album before.

All that said it’s not a perfect listen through. For all the hits there are a number of misses which you’re probably going to want to skip past. With the album becoming weaker towards the end.

But add it all up and on that total line you’re going to find the words ‘Great Album’. Yes, you’re going to need some patience to discover its depths. It’s seriously worth it though.