With Festival season well under way with Falls, Homebake and many other festivals already having taken place it’s a good time to consider the do’s and don’ts of how to approach a festival. Here are my top 10:

1. Stuff following the group that you came with, they will go and see crap bands that you don’t want to see. The downside to this is you need a back up plan if you get lost. Which leads to 2.

2. Have a meeting spot, an area of the grandstand/grassy spot at the back is always a good choice, you will not be able to contact people via telephone/SMS due to everyone else in the place doing likewise.

3. Travel light. Leave hats and any other unnecessary accessories at home. They will end up lost/stolen. Consider leaving your phone at home.

4. Leave your favourite shoes at home. Seriously you will get home covered in dirt/mud and whatever else and will have wasted $100 replacing them.

5. My annual mistake at BDO is to skip breakfast. Food at festivals can often disappoint and be pricey, also you will often skip dinner in order to see bands. Be organised and have a big serve of bacon and eggs before you head out.

6. Take out enough case for the day before you leave. Assuming the event has an ATM, your waits will be epic and you will miss seeing bands.

7. If you wanna see a band get there early and claim a spot. If you think you will get to see your favourite band front and centre by showing up 5 minutes after they have started you will be standing at the back. Pushing through to the front should be an outlawed offense and should be punished by the crowd. Splendour were the best for this except they brought in barriers this year, which seem to bring out the worst in any crowd, having experienced the difference.

8. Don’t be a clown paying $200 dollars on drinks getting sloshed and not remembering any of the day. Take your own in with you, you will save a bomb and avoid having to queue up all day. $10 stubbie holders are a great investment and will provide a great momento of the day.

9. If you are planning a big day. Don’t be a tosser and peak too early. You will regret it especially if it’s a hot day.

10. Be a sl*t and buy the t-shirt of your favourite band of the day. I often get people walking up to me on the street and commenting a good shirt/band. Also it annoys those that your with that are wearing the shirt their mum bought them for Christmas. Be careful not to buy it too early or you may end up very hot or having it stolen (have seen both happen) also if you wait too long it may sell out, so keep this in mind.
Hope you don’t end up with Festival Fever the day after and have fun.