This years BDO is much like any other. People complaining that the line up is nowhere near as good as previous years and they are probably right. Thank you KRudd and your GFC. I prefer to look at the oppourtunities to see the bands I want by having the main stage occupied by (Jet, Powderfinger and Hilltop Hoods) bands I don’t care to see. This also means that the usual 18-20 yo crowd will be hopefully kept out of range of my left hand hook.

With the schedule not yet in black and white we can take a look at who may slot in where. My one fear for the day is a Mars Volta/Muse clash which is likely to happen. Mars will shun the main stage as they have done in the past and will close the side stage. Which leaves Lily Allen/Powerderfinger as second heafliner with Muse. Lily Allen has closed the boiler room in the past, but with a strong contingent of electro this year (Dizzie Rascal, Ladyhawke Groove Armarda) she will probably be on the main stage.

So where does this leave me.  If I am lucky, with all of the ego’s of the aussie band’s around this time, I could get lucky with Kasabian being on early/late on the side stage and Mars may come on after Muse already finish. This second statement I doubt, Mars are ones to care about other bands and will do their own thing. This means I will probably miss a fair chunk of Muse, but I guess I can deal with it, cause they are going to roll out a lot of their new junk. And let this be a warning to anyone who doesn’t like their latest album (ie me). THEY WILL PLAY LOTS OF NEW CRAP AND YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED! I will try and see a little of them and will hopefully get some goodies in.

Kasabian are the second must see. Classy and a bit of English cockiness on stage, but it is understandable. They are good and will not disappoint. If they clash with MV I will cry.

Rounding out my trifecta of must see acts are Tame Impala. A young Aussie band with a very un”Australian” sound, no offence guys, but we don’t have a great history of psychedelic rock in this country. Their live sound can leave a little to desire at time but they deserve some patience as their material is solid gold. Slightly lacking in vocals if I had to be harsh, but their sound musically more that makes up for any flaws. I’ll probably lose part of my group at this stage as they head of to watch the Juggernauts stick it up as I have seen them do several times in the past, which reminds me of the last BDO they did where I could here parts of the crowd yelling at them to turn up their mics.

I am not going into detail about other acts because simply there is a lot of boring local stuff with the exception of Temper Trap and headliners are headliners for a reason.

Dizzy Rascal wins the award with “Bonkers” for the song that I am going to use to annoy everyone and get it stuck in their heads.